About us

Perfectly Serious Productions (PSP) is a YouTube channel producing parodies of our favorite fandoms, music videos to our favorite songs, skits to die for, & more! 


We are so excited to be sharing our ideas with the world and can't wait to see what we can accomplish together. 

Caitlin Halliburton - Founder, Writer, Producer, Actor & Director of PSP 


Caitlin has been making videos from the time she was 3 years old. She graduated from film school when she was 20 and has been filming ever since. Her dream is for PSP to take off so she can work full time on what she loves. 


Caitlin's favorite fandoms are Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, & Hannibal. 

Katey Fittingoff - Producer, Writer, Editor & Art Director of PSP 


Katey graduated New York University with an anthropology degree and has always been interested in people, art, and travel. She loves the adventures life has thrown her way and hopes that PSP will allow her to fulfill all her passions simultaneously.


Katey's favorite fandoms are Harry Potter, Sherlock, & Star Wars. 

Julia Markas - Producer, Writer, Actor, & Locations of PSP 


Julia is currently studying psychology. Her love for filmmaking was discovered in a high school video production class while she edited a music video she shot. Her goal is to be able to work for PSP full time and to use her psychology degree to help the company. 


Julia's favorite fandoms are Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, & Dexter. 

Seth P. Hansen - Director of Photography (DP) and Co-Director for PSP


Seth DP'd all through film school and hasn't taken his eye off the lens since (when he's not acting in front of it, that is). Seth loves to discuss movies and video games and hopes to launch many platforms for all of his ideas to live. 


Seth's favorite fandoms are Star Wars, Game of Thrones, & Harry Potter. 

Isaiah Shinn - Director of Photography for PSP


Isaiah has worked on countless projects behind his camera. We loved his style on The Cloned Orphan: A Parody Most Black as well as the much larger production for Westworld Parody!

Jessica Zepeda - Make-Up Artist for PSP


Starting at a young age, Jessica loved everything that had to do with skin care and makeup. She has extensive training from the MakeUp Designory in their Master Program and as a Master Esthetician at the National Institute of Medical Aesthetics. She joined PSP on our first project -- Harry Potter and the Music Video Parody (about Hermione!) -- where we fell in love with her work, so she has been with us ever since! 


Jessica's favorite fandoms are Harry Potter, Star Wars, & The Hunger Games.

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