We have a couple press releases to help spread the word about The Bachelor: Princess Edition! 

"The Bachelor: Princess Edition - a Parody Webseries by Perfectly Serious Productions, an Up-and-Coming YouTube Channel."

We were interviewed by Renay from Beyond Westworld, Westworld's biggest fan site! 

"What happens when you mix a Taylor Swift song with Westworld? Thanks to Perfectly Serious Productions, we got a fantastic parody video that everyone needs to see!"

We were interviewed by Jonathan Nadeau of Nadeau Media about the Kickstarter for our upcoming Westworld Parody! 

“These violent delights have violent ends.” Join us in our next BIG venture shooting WESTWORLD MUSIC VIDEO PARODY based on HBO’s show!

We're featured in the top 5 Game of Thrones Crowdfunding Projects by Good Morning Crowdfunding!

"After Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, Perfectly Serious Production has decided to tackle the Game of Thrones series for their next parody music video set to Adele's 'Hello'. The video should be shot at Kenneth Hahn State Park in Los Angeles, California to capture the world of George R. R. Martin. The iron throne was even handmade for this exceptional location."

We were featured in Clone Club Global - An #OrphanBlack Appreciation Site

"This is simply brilliant!

@Tatiana Maslany@JordanGavaris@Kathryn Alexandre‏ and @JohnFawcett75 are raving about it! Spread the word out about this video #CloneClub!

Sir William Shakespeare’s take on Orphan Black if he wrote it… He may have gotten the cue from the geniuses of our time: John Fawcett and Graeme Manson, obvs."

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